- Private Chef & Edible insects & Emilia´s products.

Private chef, private dinners, private courses, cooking classes, catering, insects buffet, Christmas table, weddings and events. Book online your chef, menu and buy our quality products online like our insects and Emilia´s products.

Three course menu at home with a chef and eat dinner with your partner and with a nice glass of wine:
* Squash Tagliatelle with basil and mozzarella / * Chorizo on cod with rosemary shrimp and peppercoulis / * Tiramisu

Services Oslo & Akershus & Buskerud

Dinners at home with Chef
After an eventful day, you relax around a good table: yours. The Chef prepares a dinner between friends or between employees. Enjoy one insects buffet with the chef. "Reserve your insects with chef in advance."
* Three course meal with private Chef for 715,68nk nk /pers.


Insects testing

Family celebrations
Funerals, Birthday party, baptism, wedding and event. The Chef will prepare one buffet of your choice: cold, warm, sweet, salty buffet, tapas, with edible insects.
*15 pers Buffet Tapas for 336,00 nk/pers, service included.

Sunday occasion, sweet warm winter Sunday at home with family or friends! From the "petits fours" to the warm chocolate through a chiboust cream, the Chef will prepare some sweet little things!
Special venues / Events
15 August 2016:
First appetizer insects at Meyers Oslo restaurant with the chef, book your ticket online.

31 December 2017:
New Year Eve party Oslo

Cooking courses at home:
Enjoy all your achievements in a warm and friendly place: your home!

Cooking lessons of September and December:
* Squash Tagliatelle with basil and mozzarella / * Chorizo on cod with rosemary shrimp and peppercoulis / * Tiramisu.
* Monday and Tuesday from 1700kl,
Rosa Shop
small craftsman producers. Great Italian quality.
The landscape production of Emilia agri-food sector is characterized by the presence of numerous small local producers who carry out their activities according to the ancient techniques of craftsmanship, handed down through the centuries with passion and dedication...
A gift
* Cooking experience at home with chef:
"Offer a treat for an unique experience, educational and original. (dessert or/and meal) for your guests. The Chef provide the food and we cook together!"

* Gift box from Italia. *

*Gift box from Italia + Italian menu with Chef. Gift from Italia

Edible insects online
Better nutrition and full of protein, edible insects are available on our website.

* Crickets are also a better diet for pregnant women and those receiving their periods due to their high iron content.

- Out of Stock Twisted pasta.
- Out of Cricket Flour until February 2018.
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