Big worms garlic and herbs.

Big worms garlic and herbs.
These worms morios giants are perfectly seasoned with garlic and herbs. Worms Morios giants bring an original touch, tasty and somewhat impressive aperitif.

Ingredients: worms morios giants (zophobas morio), garlic powder, parsley, thyme, salt.

Approximate size of the edible insect: These worms morios can reach 3 to 5 cm. And the taste of these morios are close to the cheese.

Packaging: 25g / box,

Ready to eat - For 4 to 6 pers.

Origin: UE

" Allergies and recommendations: People allergic to shellfish may have allergic reactions to edible insects. May contain traces of nuts. Not recommended for children before three years."
* Recommended wine for a successful evening between insects and friends.

. Beaujolais, a Julienas. (r)

. Chinon rosé. (p)

. Touraine rosé. (p)

. Passito wines

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