"In bread, cookies, salad and more, add mealworms in your diet of everyday. Easy to make burger with." ...

Mealworms are the most consumed edible insects in Europe. This can be explained by their flavor and crisp, but also because their appearance is less confusing than other insects like grasshoppers or crickets, not to mention the rhinoceros beetles or giant water bugs. Generally called "worms", mealworms are actually the larvae of a beetle, Tenebrio molitor and are known to be fond of flour and cereals, hence the name "mealworms". These Molitor mealworms measure about 2.5cm - 3cm.
Mealworms are mainly composed of water, this explains why you have the impression of biting an empty envelope when you eat it. There is no need to worry, this is what remains after dehydration, the concentrated essential nutrients: protein, calcium, iron.
*Our roasted mealworms can be: salted, dipped in chocolate, eaten as a snack, sprinkled on salads, added to soup, cakes, and other desserts. "They taste a lot like peanuts and can replace nuts in cookies". Since roasted worms are brittle, they can be ground and mixed with flour when you bake muffins, pancakes, or bread.

For 4 to 6 pers.

Ingredients: Mealworms, salt.

Weight: 30g

Origin: EU

Inside this packet you will find 30g of mealworm! They have been cleaned, cooked and fried in France. You can enjoy them as a snack, as an appetiser, or you can add them into your usual dishes in order to create some original recipes!

Allergies and recommendations: People allergic to shellfish may have allergic reactions to edible insects. May contain traces of nuts. Not recommended for children before three years.

* Recommended wine for a successful evening between insects and friends.

. Clare Valley Viognier wine.(w)
. Bergere Cuvée Viognier, Domaine Des Rosiers.(w)
. Jura wine, Domaine Jacques Tissot.(w)
. Jura wine, Savagnin. (w)

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126,35 kr.

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BBQ Crickets.
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BBQ Mealworms
BBQ Mealworms.
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Big worms garlic and herbs.

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