Pasta Twisted Crickets.


Pasta Twisted Crickets.

If you are looking to reduce your meat consumption, avoid eggs, taking care of your health, these pasta crickets are perfect since they bring 89% of your daily protein needs!

* "These pasta insects does not contain egg: they are naturally enriched with protein powder crickets."

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, crickets powder 4%, algae.

Packaging: transparent bag 250g

Size pasta: 2.5 cm

Cooking time: 5 minutes

Nutrition declaration / per 100g of pasta with insects: Energy: 363 kcal / Proteins: 14,9g / Glucides: 70,1g (0g sugar) / Fat: 1.10 g (including saturated fatty acid 0.14 g)

Origin: Made in France.
Weight: 250g

"Not suitable for people allergic or intolerant to shellfish."
90,44 kr inc. VAT