Worms honey and mustard.

Worms honey and mustard.

These Morios giant worms, can reach 3 to 5 cm.

Very crisp, perfect to eat an appetizer. This Morios giants mustard and honey blend perfectly with beer.

Allergies and recommendations: People allergic to shellfish may have allergic reactions to edible insects. May contain traces of nuts. Not recommended for children before three years.

Ingredients: Worms (zophobas morio), honey, mustard powder, salt.

Ready to eat - for 4 to 6 pers

Weight: 25g

Origin: EU.

* Recommended wine for a successful evening between insects and friends.

.Cabernet d'Anjou rosé. (P)
.Coteaux de l'Aubance. (W)
.Clairette de Die. (W)
.Soft Bergerac. (W)
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