Our services

  • The Chef are the one responsible for the purchase of goods (All the ingredients come from our selected suppliers.)
  • The Chef provides the service until 16 guests for dinner. For buffet from 30 guests an additional person as waitress or sommelier is necessary.
  • Full service order menu.
  • At the request of customer the service can be assured of a waitress.
  • The Chef leaves it to the hostess of the house to organize the presentation of his table and can provide some advice if necessary.
  • The Chef will help you for the choices of wine.
  • The customer is fully responsible for the wine service.
  • At the wish of the clients, Chef Gouttebel can provide alcohol for buffet and for wedding. The company need to know at least one and half month in advance!
  • For weddings, Chef Gouttebel can publish the menu for the guest. This must be specified at least three months in advance.
  • We can provide one local for big anniversaries party or weddings with reservation in advance needed with the chef.
  • The time of arrival will be determined by the menu and work to achieve.
  • The kitchen should be clean, in order, empty dishwasher and refrigerator free half way to store fresh products.
  • After the service the Chef will clean the elements used.
  • For A gift the validity are until 9 months after the purchase but valid until the end of the current year like other reservation!
  • The Chef need to know and have clear idea about the kitchen of the clients and for the future bride before to take order!
  • For the order outside of the city, the client will shoulder the transportation fee.

The clients always need to be in contact with the Chef!

Edible insects and delivery service.

All of the bugs that we sell on our site are organic and went through a dehydration process and sanitising for human consumption while keeping most of their nutrients intact.

Before arriving at your home, the edible insects are checked three times in total by laboratories.

The product comes in plastic that is packaged in a cardboard box.

We certify a delivery with insurance within 10 days maximum.

Some insects are already seasoned example for aperitif, you just get the bugs out of the box and serve as an aperitif for example. Other edible insects offer are natures and can be incorporated into a recipe by example. The flour of insects, which can substitute for wheat flour in your cakes.

We invite all people allergic to shellfish to avoid the consumption of edible insects.

Edible insects are not recommended for children under 3 years, edible insects are equivalent to a peanut they can easily choke. After the age of 3 and like any food, we advise extreme caution if you want to taste our insects to your children.

It very strongly discouraged to eating insects unprepared for food use. Our insects are selected, traced and checked in the laboratory to comply with food use for human consumption. Insects found in nature can be consumed for cause of the fertilizers, pesticides, human waste and other well and are not consumable by humans. The insects that you find in pet shops are fed dry food and are not also recommended.

We advise you to leave your edible insects in their original packaging and slide them in an airtight container. In the absence of air, light and moisture, your insects can still keep 10 weeks. You can also keep them in a transparent jar and finally, ultimately, keep them in a freezer bag or zip bag. But beware, do not crushed.

For more information or questions concerning the organization such as:

Rental of dishes, floral decoration, service personnel and more, please contact us:


Dinners: The number of guest cannot be changed four days before the reception.
Buffet and party: You can cancel two weeks before the date.
Courses: Two days before the date of the course can be canceled.
Bachelorette party and A Gift: You can cancel or change the date one week before.