The excellence of Emilia's culinary tradition.


Small craftsman producers. Great Italian quality.

All of Italia is celebrated for its ancient culinary tradition and dozens of its typical products are famous the world over.

The region which best represents the Italian gastronomic heritage is the Emilia Romagna which, thanks to the high number of renowned specialties, has earned the nickname 'the Italian Food Valley.'

What makes the region so unique is that it is made up of a myriad of small producers which over time stood out for the quality of their products, quality that comes from the ideal combination of provenance, raw material of the highest levels and traditional processing methods.

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Parmonie - Bowl 250gr

Sweet awakening box
Parmonie- Bowl 250gr
97,46 kr.

Parmonie 50gr

Parmonie 50gr
32,07 kr.

Balsamic Vinegar.

Menu 3
Balsamic Vinegar - Querrcia Oro 250ml
123,24 kr.

Glaze Balsamic vinaigre250cl

Glaze Balsamic vinaigre 250 ml.
57,20 kr.

Olive oil organic extra virgine T.Bottle

Olive oil organic extra virgine olive T.Bottle
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Tin Bottle 750 ml
96,- kr.

Olive oil Delicatevale 750ml

Olive oil Delicatevale 750ml
Olive oil Delicatevale 750ml
115,19 kr.

Nero Castelli- 250 ml

Menu 2
Nero Castelli- 250 ml
185,33 kr.

Sweet awakening.

Bistro Menu 1
Sweet awakening.
116,60 kr.

Gift box from Italia.

Gift box from Italia
Gift box from Italia.
Great Italian gift. In this box you will find : 1 Olive oil bottle: extra virgine olive oil Mosto 500gr 1 Parmesan cheese PDO 28/30 months 150gr 1 Pear and peach chocolate Jam 106gr 1 ETNA eacalyptus ...
642,50 kr.

* Our "Rose" products combines with innovative products and traditional flavor, all made with the best ingredients and ancient artisan processes. * For hotels and restaurants order, contact Chef Gouttebel on +47 98100738.