Olive oil Delicatevale 750ml

Olive oil Delicatevale 750ml
It is the 100% Italian EVOO which can satisfy everyone's taste thanks to its delicate aroma. DelicatEVOle is filtered and it's the mildest EVOO among our products. It has a pleasant light fruity aroma that makes it perfect for your everyday cooking recipes. It pairs well with light flavors such rice based dishes, white meat and salads with fresh cheeses (like tomato and mozzarella salad).
115,19 kr.

Our Chefs.

Chef Gouttebel
Oslo / Lillestrøm / Sandvika / Ski
With more than thirteen years experience in catering, Chef Gouttebel is at your service.

From bistro to gourmet, sweet and salty buffet, weddings "with local if needed", tapas "Spansk, Italian, Fransk, Norwegian, sushi, vegetarian." Christmas party, private courses and insects.

Day of the weeks available:
Monday to Friday 1700kl to 2200kl Saturday to Sunday 1000kl to 2300kl.

Email: chefgouttebel@outlook.com / Telephon: 98100738 .
Chef Gouttebel AS import 39 different honeys form different countries with honeycombs and desidrated pollen. To order chefgouttebel@outlook.com