Olive oil organic extra virgine T.Bottle

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Tin Bottle 750 ml

Great organoleptic features and outstanding health value are the characteristic of this extra virgin olive oil, which is simply the top for the lovers of a healthy diet based on genuine ingredients. Obtained by early-harvested olives, this fragrant extra virgin olive oil is well balanced.

Our Chefs.

Chef Gouttebel
Oslo / Lillestrøm / Sandvika / Ski
With more than thirteen years experience in catering, Chef Gouttebel is at your service.

From bistro to gourmet, sweet and salty buffet, weddings "with local if needed", tapas "Spansk, Italian, Fransk, Norwegian, sushi, vege." Christmas party, private courses and insects.

Day of the weeks available:
Monday to Friday 1700kl to 2200kl Saturday to Sunday 1000kl to 2300kl.

Email: chefgouttebel@outlook.com / Telephon: 98100738 .